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Techknital Fabrics Flammability and Fire Resistance Testing of Aircraft Interior Textiles 

All products are tested to FAR/JAR CS.25.853 Part 1 Appendix F – 12 Second vertical Bunsen burner test for interior compartments occupied by crew and passengers. 

We use a UKAS accredited independent test laboratory to conduct all of our tests, this ensures that the process remains impartial and we can ensure our products perform to the high standard that the FAA Requires. 
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We also supply a Techknital Fabrics Ltd Certificate of Conformity as standard. 

What do the test results mean? 

The pass or fail criteria for materials tested to the sub-clause FAR/JAR CS.25.853 Part 1 Appendix F requirements for flame resistance of crew and passenger compartments are that the fabrics shall be self-extinguishing and that the average burn length should not exceed 200mm, and the average flame time should not exceed 15 seconds from the removal of the test flame and any flaming droplets should not continue to flame for more than an average of 5 seconds after falling. 
* Average results of all tests conducted in a 24-month period (Feb 2021) 
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