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All of our fire barrier and retardant products undergo a 12-second vertical burn test by an approved CAA UKAS testing house and are supplied with a Techknital Fabrics Ltd Certificate of Conformity and Burn Test Certification as standard. 

Benefits of a knitted Fabric 

There are many advantages to a knitted fabric, they provide a flexible option for a variety of applications; 
knitted fabric composition, unlike a woven or felted product will not crease when applied and has the ability to be flexed and moulded around foam with ease, ensuring a smooth base for further fabric applications. It is soft and breathable adding to improved comfort, and has the ability to be finished to a required weight, colour and with FR and antimicrobial capabilities. Providing both barrier and interlayer options, knitted fabric is strong and durable. 
Depending on the fibres used knitted fabrics are strong enough to withstand abrasion and can ensure personal comfort whilst still maintaining protective properties. 
Please use the links below to see some of the products that are used throughout the aviation, rail and automotive industry. 
Techknital Fabrics Limited, whether held in the name of the company or its officers, is the proprietor or licensee of UK registered trade marks in respect of the following brands in Class 24: 
RJ30® (UK00002414148); 
Pyro-SHIELD® (UK00002594352); 
Flexguard 500® (UK00002610127); 
FKP180® (UK00002610128); 
TEC227® (UK00002610130); 
PL216® (UK00003094957); 
TEC249® (UK00003299718); 
TEC216 FRWP® (UK00003299863). 
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